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  • Chesterfield Canal Trust Festival – Saturday 28th May 2016/Sunday 29th May 2016
    • The Nature Squad will have a presence at the Canal Trust Fest this year with critterrific nature-based activities to tantalise your tiddlers.
    • We’ve got square-metre bioblitz grids, bug drawing workshops, bug observation and ID, create-a-critter.
    • A timetable of half-hour long activities starting at 11am (last activity 4pm)
    • Other ad-hoc biodiversity bewilderments going on in between.
    • And just come and chat about what you’ve seen and what you do to help wildlife!
  • Osfest Derbyshire – Friday 15th July 2016/Saturday 16th July 2016
    • A marvellously musical gathering where we hope to enthuse and muse the little ones and middle-sized ones into a long life of loving living things from lakes to lowlands, and from meadows to mountains, and from parks to peninsulas, and fro…..  you get the picture!1934488_10153959019494040_6345890208153250485_n