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A Family fit for nature competition 2016
This year’s competition is destined to be even bigger and better than last year.  We managed to give away over £500 worth of prizes in 2015 and it is looking as though we could top that this time.
We are asking families to demonstrate that they are making a difference to the environment or to wildlife. Please do not be daunted; we are not expecting the world.  We’d just like you to make small changes that will encourage others to do the same.
Here are some examples:
  • energy/water saving schemes
  • local litter picking
  • planting wild flowers or plants that attract pollinators
  • Anything at all that improves the quality of life for both people and nature.

Individual families with children under 15 years are invited to submit entries to the competition, as are school and youth groups. We would very much like both adults and children to be engaged in the activities. We will have a designated Dropbox account where entrants can submit entries to. The link to the dropbox account is shown below:

APFFN Dropbox Competition Folder

You may submit in any format that you choose.  You might prefer to upload a collection of photographs, videos, a pictorial diary – even a combination of these formats.  All that we ask is that you use your imagination.

If you have any questions at all please ask, if you would like to submit in any other format we will endeavour to enable it.

The closing date is the end of April 2016 so come on, what are you waiting for – get involved and start making a difference!

Many thanks, and GOOD LUCK!