Projects – for the good of nature

dsc08292 (1).jpgWelcome to our PROJECTS page.  Here you will find details of interesting and positive wildlife projects that we have been involved in, ones that you can do yourself, and ones that involve your school, workplace, club, or group of friends.

Long term projects:

  • Wild Workplaces (from GrowWild UK and spearheaded for the NatureSquad by Matt Doogue) – Plant your unused workspaces with wildlife friendly flora for unlimited loveliness whilst you labour.
  • Every Child Wild – The NatureSquad fully endorses this project from the Wildlife Trusts which sees them set out their mission to enthuse our children with a love and respect for the wild.  They say:

    Children are happier, healthier and more creative when they are connected to the natural world. This should be an option not just for a few, but for every child in the UK.

  • 12631503_532440563603950_4313913460469593546_nHelp us Help Hedgehogs – Evie is a junior Nature Squadette.  Evie is five years old. Now, because Evie is related to a Nature Squaddie, Evie can’t enter our competitions. But that did not stop Evie wanting to help her wildlife.  Oh, no no no…

Evie wanted to do something to help our hedgehogs so she asked her dad to give her a hand.  We think you will agree that Evie is marvellous and so is her project.

Evie says…

“I would like everyone to put holes in their fences so hedgehogs can come in and out so they can find food without needing to cross busy roads.”

Click here to go to Evie’s Facebook page to find out how you can help her to help hedgehogs in your garden >> Help Evie Help Hedgehogs

Make-it-at-home projects:

  • Low-cost Moth Trap project (coming soon)